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Life Changing Smile Makeover in Albany NY

Welcome to Albany Smiles, where we take a great deal of pride in offering patient-directed restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Albany, NY. Dr. Andrew T. Frank helps patients gain function and confidence with dental crowns and implants, veneers, and smile makeovers. His clarity, honesty, and ability to work with complex dental situations has earned him a reputation as the best dentist in Albany, NY.

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A Second Opinion for Periodontal Disease in Albany, NY

Kevin came to Dr. Frank seeking a second opinion after his previous dentist offered only a single option: extract all of his teeth and get dentures. Kevin tells us he rejected this recommendation because he’s “vain.” But it’s totally normal (not vain at all) to desire teeth that look, feel, and function like teeth.

Kevin had experienced a series of abscess tooth infections. It had become a regular cycle: Feel a toothache coming on, visit the dentist and learn he had another abscess, clear the infection with antibiotics, and then have the tooth extracted. One by one, he was losing his teeth this way.

The last one of these infections Kevin had was right before leaving for a vacation to Mexico. He thought he would take another round of antibiotics, have another tooth extracted, and go soak up some sun. But, this time, Kevin’s dentist looked at his x-rays and told him it was time to get dentures—not what Kevin was expecting.

Kevin had advanced periodontal disease, which meant that without intervention, he would continue to lose teeth. But he felt he was too young to have dentures. So, he decided to get a second opinion.

Kevin’s top teeth did in fact need to be extracted, but he liked Dr. Frank’s clarity and transparency. He trusted this opinion. One big piece of good news Dr. Frank shared with Kevin was that his jawbone was still in great shape. This made him a perfect candidate for an all-on-4 prosthesis supported by dental implants, and a procedure called Teeth in a Day.

Kevin Before BEFORE
Kevin After AFTER

All-on-4 in Albany, NY

An implant-supported denture, or all-on-4, is a full-arch teeth replacement without many of the drawbacks to traditional dentures, like:

  • Clacking and slipping
  • Food restrictions
  • Having to be removed at night
  • Cleaning with expensive specialized products
  • Further bone loss
  • Needing to be remade every few years
  • Loss of facial structure due to bone loss

Thanks to implants surgically placed into the jawbone, an all-on-4 stays in your mouth full-time and functions just like natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Albany, NY to Prevent Bone Loss

All-on-4’s teeth-like function extends even to protecting bone structure. The alveolar bones are those that hold the teeth in place. But the teeth also hold the bones, in a way.  The teeth act like a lattice to support the bone structure. Once the teeth are removed, bone loss then ensues due to the lack of support. Dentures then cause additional bone loss/resorption due to the lack of tooth support and the pressure of the denture on the jaw bone. As a result, the dentures become ill fitting and will need to be replaced over time. Introducing implants to the treatment re-establishes with lattice to the alveolar bones and limits the subsequent bone loss.

before after

All-on-4 provides the support to the alveolar bone to keep it strong and prevent resorption. Kevin came to us at just the right time. He had experienced some tooth loss but still had excellent bone structure. It would be fairly straightforward for Dr. Frank to give Kevin a bright new smile with perfect bite function.

Prevent Bone Loss

Teeth in a Day in Albany NY

We offer a variety of options for smile makeovers in Albany, NY. One option, Teeth in a Day, is just what it sounds like. You arrive in the morning and leave after your procedure with a new smile! In most cases, patients will return for a second visit to have their permanent restoration(s) placed, but we’ll fit you with life-like temporaries if they’re necessary.

Patients love this option so much because it looks beautiful and functions like a healthy, full set of natural teeth.

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