Adam’s Journey

Reconstructing Confident Smiles With Porcelain Crowns in Albany, N.Y.

Adam’s energy and passion are contagious — which is a useful trait for a competitive cheerleading coach. He and his wife own a cheer consulting company that is headquartered in Albany, N.Y. and operates across the country, hosting workshops and training sessions for coaches and gym operators.

Unfortunately, the sources Adam relied on for some of that energy in his early 20s — namely coffee and sugary drinks — set him on a path to recurring dental challenges in adulthood.

When Adam connected with Albany Smiles, Dr. Andrew Frank created a detailed cosmetic treatment plan to makeover Adam’s smile with porcelain crowns. Today, Adam’s sparkling smile shows off his energetic personality, as well as his confidence.

Time to Repair and Renew

After avoiding the dentist office for a few years in early adulthood, Adam found himself facing significant dental work. He needed more than 25 fillings to treat the tooth decay spurred on by his coffee habit, which had also badly stained many of his teeth.

As a 20-something with a limited budget, Adam chose the cheapest option to address the immediate need. Several years later, most of that work badly needed to be redone.

“By the time I got to Dr. Frank, it was a lot of reconstruction [that was required],” he says. “You could see the filling lines, my smile was uneven, I had chips in my teeth.”

Adam wasn’t confident in his smile, and he knew it was time to do something about it.

Planning for Confidence

Dr. Frank worked with Adam to create a detailed treatment plan that outlined every element of Adam’s smile makeover.

“I was able to take it home to determine financially when the right time was,” he said. “I could see what the smile was going to look like — how my teeth would look after the process.”

Dr. Frank used porcelain crowns to transform 12 of Adam’s upper front teeth. Crowns sit on top of and completely cover the natural tooth base. They are custom-made to obtain the desired size, shape and color — giving Dr. Frank the opportunity to design the exact smile that Adam wanted.

Porcelain crowns are a great solution for patients like Adam who may already have extensive fillings. They protect the tooth from additional decay and damage, and they allow the patient to maintain their natural teeth, which offers benefits for bone health and tooth function.

And function was one of Dr. Frank’s priorities throughout Adam’s smile makeover.

“Let’s not just make this look good,” he recalls Dr. Frank saying to him, “Let’s make it functional. Let’s make it so that you are operating better as a human.”

before after

Feeling Good — Before, During and After

As for the cosmetic procedure itself, Adam says that facing that much dental work was not without its worries. But the Albany Smiles general and cosmetic dental team walked him through every step and checked in regularly to ensure that he was comfortable.

“I was really at ease going through the whole process,” Adam says.

In order to place a crown, Dr. Frank first removed the entire surface of the tooth — a process that Adam was concerned might be painful.

“You would never even know [what was being done],” he says. “It was very comfortable. [Dr. Frank] and his staff were able to talk me through it, always checking in to make sure that the process was not painful.”

The results speak for themselves, and the sense of renewed confidence is only one of the things Adam loves about his new smile.
“My mouth has felt so much better,” he says.

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