How will I be tested for sleep apnea?

Dr. Frank provides you with a ring to wear on your finger that connects to your phone. The following day we have data that makes an accurate assessment of:

  • How well you slept
  • The quality of your sleep
  • Amount of time slept
  • If you snored

Once we receive the data at our office in Albany, NY, it’s read by a sleep physician who is a specialist and our partner. The sleep physician then makes a diagnosis and sends it to our office. We then call you to set up a consultation appointment to go over the results. If we need to pursue treatment, there are several other tests we can do.

If we need to evaluate your airways, we can take a cone beam CAT scan in our Albany, NY, dental office. Whether or not you have enough room in your airways to breathe normally is a significant element of sleep apnea.

Once all tests are done, we will discuss all possible treatment modalities.

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